Research Projects

Armand-Frappier Foundation at INRS University offers you the opportunity to direct your donation to the area of research that interests you the most. INRS University is divided in four Research Centres, focusing on critical issues facing our society.




Improve the protection, conservation, and development of natural resources.

  •     Environmental risks associated with natural hazards and contamination
  •     Climate change impacts and adaptation to extreme weather events
  •     Integrated water and mineral resource management and territory administration
  •     Rehabilitation technologies in urban and natural areas

Innovate in the fields of advanced materials, nanotechnology, telecommunications and sustainable energy.

  •     Telecommunication networks
  •     Wireless communication
  •     Multimedia signal processing
  •     Materials, nanotechnology and engineering components / RF systems and photonics devices
  •     Ultra-fast photonics
  •     Materials and decentralized energy systems
  •     Analysis and energy modeling (GAME)
  •     Magnetic confinement fusion


Prevent and improve human, animal and environmental health


  •     Infectious diseases, immunity, cancer and epidemiology
  •     Environmental biotechnology
  •     Environmental toxicology and chemical pharmacology


The Centre focuses on social sciences to scrutinize diverse realities of our society and to study complex issues that define our world

  • Montreal, a City in Transition
  • Mobility and migration
  • Local Economic Development, Work and Innovation
  • Reconstituted Territory, Decentralization and Democracy
  • Families, Personal Networks and Social Solidarity
  • Life Stages, Life Paths and Intergenerational Dynamics
  • Social Exclusion and Vulnerability
  • Habitat, Neighborhood and Lifestyles
  • Cultural Practices, Social Space and Territory
  • Cultural Diversity, Immigration and Mode of Cohabitation
  • The Institutionalization of Culture


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